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Virtual Reality

Enjoy an advanced VR gaming experience at Zeal featuring state-of-the-art equipment of head-mounted displays, motion capture systems, and real-time 3D engines to experience a seamless and thrilling game with fluid visuals that offer freedom of movement and a breathtaking almost-real experience!


Have you ever dreamt of experiencing the most thrilling roller coaster ride in the world? You now can at Zeal Entertainment! Start with designing your very own path with as many twists, drops, rolls, and turns as your heart desires. Once your path is finalized, sit back and experience that sweet rush of adrenaline without ever leaving your stationary seat, thanks to advanced VR technology.


In this thrilling game, the player stands at the center of a 3-5m2 platform, with their back to a thick arm. They wear an HTC VIVE HD head display, and hold on to a dedicated handle with both hands to act as a weapon. They can then navigate the game freely with proper body movements, and can enjoy the rich content it has to offer, including accurate shooting, high-definition visuals, and a highly immersive experience.

The device is equipped with a VR high-definition head display, fine light positioning, nine-axis gyroscope, and other world-class VR technologies.

Battle Squad

Get ready to team up with your friends as we present you with some of the finest multiplayer VR games out there. All our games thrive on an active player-base and will present you a breathtaking and realistic experience to rave about!

Kindly note that several of our titles are still in the early access phase, so please excuse any bugs as they go under further development and improvements.